main works 2009-2020 ︎

  1. film director
  2. producer & executive producer @ nanouk films
  3. head of entertainment, creative director & online creator @ playground
  4. interactive narratives
  5. film editor & music supervisor
  6. museum & exhibition projects
  7. music videos

about ME ︎

producer, director, online&tv format creator, documentary maker, creative director, editor and music producer - owner of Nanouk Films, film company based in Barcelona - Ex-head of entertainment at PlayGround - TV CINEMAS PLATFORMS CULTURE SOCIAL NETWORKS - From underground to mainstream 

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Selected fiction, documentary and commercials as a producer & executive producer at Nanouk Films  



Fiction series by Aina Clotet and Sergi Cameron, scripted by Dani González and Valentina Viso. Directed by Marc Coll, Aina Clotet, Celia Giraldo and Sara Fantova. Produced by Nanouk Films, Funicular Films, Anagram Sweden, RTVE, 3CAT, SVT, NDR, YLE with the support of ICEC and MEDIA.

A black comedy about how to survive the obsession with being the best parents.

# Prix Europa - ︎ Best European Fiction Series Award 2023 
# Serielizados Barcelona and Madrid (SP) - Festival’s opening ceremony


74’ (2023)

Documentary feature film directed by Pau Faus and produced by Nanouk Films, coproduced by Televisió de Catalunya, with the support of ICAA, ICEC and Filmin.
Production, executive production and script by Sergi Cameron

It is summer; a heron is standing in a river. On the banks, a man and his dog are sitting peacefully. Alerted by the sound of bleating, they set off to rescue a goat trapped in a pit, before rejoining the herd. As the camera slowly zooms out, we are suddenly transported into another world: a hi-tech laboratory, staffed by people wearing full protective gear. They are busier than usual, working on the development of a vaccine against Covid, with the help of extensive animal testing. An opening lift reveals goats staggering down a corridor, evoking the first, lost goat. In a few minutes and with a skilful and elegant construction, Pau Faus sets the scene, revealing an unusual form of neighbourly relations in a forest on the outskirts of Barcelona: “It’s as if we were living in prehistoric times, while they are in space.” By composing precise shots and with the help of a cheerfully humorous montage, Fauna interweaves the world of humans, animals and science in pandemic times.

Emilie Bujès - Artistic director of Visions du Réel

# Guadalajara FICG - International Competition (MX) ︎ Best director award
# Cinespaña - Documentary Competition (FR) - ︎Prix José-María Berzosa du Milleur Documentaire (Best documentary)
# Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival - International Competition (KR) - ︎Special Jury Mention
# Science New Wave Festival - XVI Edition (USA) -︎In Vivo Award
# Visions du Réel - International Competition (CH)
# Hotdocs - World Showcase Programme (CA)
# DocsBarcelona - Official competition Latitud (SP)
# Shanghai International Film Festival - International panorama (CN)
# Camden CIFF - International Competition (US)
# Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (CN)
# Montreal International Documentary Festival (CA)
# Doku Fest - Green Dox Competition (XK)
# Krakow Film Festival - Focus on Spain (PL)
# Pärnu Filmifestivalile - Science Docs (EE)
# Atlantida Film Fest - Climatics (SP)
# Devour! The Food Film Fest (CA)
# Another Way Film Festival (SP)
# 25MIDBO (CO)
# 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival (US)
# DokuBaku IDFF (AZ)


22’ (2021)

Short film produced by Nanouk Films (SP) with the support of Movistar+ (SP)
Directed by Àlex Sardà

Production and executive production by Sergi Cameron 

Un caluroso día de primavera, Luis tiene una fuerte discusión con su padre en la obra en la que trabajan juntos como arquitectos. A partir de este enfrentamiento, Luis se verá abocado al abandono de todas sus responsabilidades, llevando hasta el límite sus miedos más profundos y sintiéndose superado por el mundo que le rodea. En vez de ir a buscar a su hija Julia a casa de su ex pareja, comienza un intenso periplo que le llevará a decidir si toma o no las riendas de su vida.

#Málaga Film Festival 2021 (SP) - ︎ Best Actor for Enric Auquer
# Premios Pávez 2021: Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes Talavera de la Reina (SP) -︎ Best Actor for Enric Auquer
# Festival de cine de Zaragoza 2021 (SP) -︎ Best Photography
# Festival Ibérico de Cine de Badajoz 2022 (SP)︎ Best Actor for Enric Auquer
# AVILÉS ACCIÓN (2022) Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Avilés (SP) ︎ Best Actor for Enric Auquer
# CURTOCIRCUITO 2021 - Festival Internacional de Cine Santiago de Compostela (SP)
# ABYCINE 2021 - Festival de Cine de Albacete (SP)
# Still Voices Short Film Festival 2022 (Ireland)
# Concurso de Cortometrajes K-Lidoscopi 2021 (SP)
# ALCINE 2021 - Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares (SP)
# Premis VOC 2022 (SP)
# Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo 2022 (SP)
# FESTIMATGE 2022 - Festival de la Imatge de Calella (SP)
# Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo la Luna de Islantilla 2022 (SP)
# Festival de Curtmetratges de Manlleu 2022 (SP)
# Certamen Internacional de Curtmetratges de Cerdanya 2022 (SP)


70’ A CIRCLE OF MAN (2021)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films with the participation of Movistar+. Directed by Iván Roiz and Álvaro Priante
Production and executive production by Sergi Cameron

El Círculo is an uncomfortable and uncensored portrait of a process of deconstruction and questioning of masculinity. Fortunately, the rise of feminism has led to a crisis of what it means to be a man, and the characters in the documentary channeled through the circles, therapies collective catharsis and serving as a meeting point. Will they be able to build a new masculinity or will they resist what they consider an attack on their values and learned ways of living?


65’ (2019)

Feature film produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Marta Lallana & Ivet Castelo
In association with Filmin, in collaboration with Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Original soundtrack by Raül Refree

Paula, a 14 year old girl, is sent to spend the summer in the town Ojos Negros with her aunt and grandmother, who she barely knows. There, she witnesses how the illness of her grandmother unfolds the tensions within the family. Trying to escape the oppressive atmosphere, she meets Alicia, a girl of her age, who also stays in town for the summer and with whom she will develop an intense friendship. At the end of the summer Paula will have a glimpse of what it means to grow up.

#Málaga Film Festival (SP) -︎ Best Film

#Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) - International Competition
#D’A Film Festival - Talents
#Atlántida Film Festival - Official Competition



Feature film produced by Nanouk Films and Pompeu Fabra University with the support of Movistar+ (SP)
Directed by Sara Gutiérrez Galve

Max is in his mid-thirties and lives with Emma, his intimate friend. An unexpected news makes lot of doubts and worries grow inside of Max pushing him to go out at midnight. The night she moves is the portrait of a friendship, their breakup and the strange and transforming walk through the night of Barcelona.

This film could be defined as a spontaneous and sincere dramatic comedy. The plot introduces us into the intimate intimacy of Max and Emma to reflect on such absolute issues as friendship, love, relationships and coexistence. The tone that frames the film stands out for its freshness, the casual naturalness and the absurd and fantastic character of the mundane. The style is apparently white and friendly but has a more acidic and far-fetched background that appears as the film progresses and night falls.

The night she moves portrays Max and Emma and with them a conflict and a generational stage: a friendship, a way of feeling and this wandering that characterizes the vital state of today’s youth. That is why the film speaks directly to an audience of about 20-35 years and is at the same time seductive to those spectators with interest to understand contemporary forms of coexistence.

#Málaga Film Festival (SP) -︎ Movistar Award
#Málaga Film Festival (SP) -︎ Best Actor
#SomCinema -︎ Best film


17’ (2019)

Short film produced by Nanouk Films (SP) with the support of ICAA (SP) and ICEC (SP)
Directed by Àlex Sardà

Igor is new to his cousin’s group of friends and to almost everything that a person of his age is supposed to have done. As the first night they hang out together is played out through laughter, drinking on the street and the presence of unknown girls, Igor feels like a stranger who doesn’t know how to be himself.

One of the girls, Laura, is quick to catch his attention and that of the rest of the boys, and brings with her the possibility that this somewhat failing party may improve. At the end of the night all that will remain is Laura, the boys and a room in which the party can continue.

At home, although Laura demonstrates control over the rest of the group, the night becomes a competition between the boys to see who can come out on top. Being the one who gets closest to Laura and fitting into the group will force Igor into an ultimately extreme situation. GANG is a journey into group-mentality, impulse, and those experiences that men very often keep quiet, the masculinity that devours us.



Feature film produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Ventura Durall
With the support of TVC (SP) and ICEC (SP)

What is the purpose of school today? This question led to an educational revolution launched by the Escola Nova 21 programme. "Lessons for a new school" follows the programme, which is based on the learning of skills and which has generated an educational revolution in Catalonia, during the three years of its existence. Observing the phenomenon from the perspective of our species and analysing its historical and scientific context by listening to the most qualified voices in science, the film delves into the adventure of its promoters and those who have been at the heart of this experiment when the new methods were implemented. Can an education system be successfully changed from the bottom up? Only time will tell, but the seed for rethinking the education of the citizens of the future has come to stay. And it is unstoppable.

# DocsBarcelona 2020


ADA FOR MAYOR 85’ (2016)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films (SP) with the support of ICEC (SP) 
Directed by Pau Faus

Ada Colau, a well known activist against evictions in Spain, decides to run for Mayor of Barcelona. Surrounded by a team with little experience in institutional politics, Ada speaks about her doubts and thoughts during this vertiginous journey. The film combines the enthusiasm surrounding the construction of a new political movement with the inner struggle of someone who fears becoming what has so often questioned. The result is a powerful and inspiring approach to a politician as you have never seen before.

# Málaga Film Festival (SP) -︎ Best Director
# Gaudí Awards (Catalan Film Academy) (SP) - ︎Best Documentary
# FIPA (Biarritz) (FR) -︎ Special Jury Mention
# Tbilisi International Documentary (GE) -︎ FFCIVIL DOC PRIZE
# Traverse City Film Festival (USA) -︎ Best Opera Prima - Roger Ebert Award
# Belgrade Free Zone Film Festival (RS) -︎ Special Mention of the Jury
# Festival Filministes Montréal (CA) -︎ Prix Filministes - Inspiration

# DocsBarcelona, Spain
# Festival Alcances, Cadiz, Spain
# Som Cinema, Lleida, Spain
# DOK Leipzig, Germany
# Festival Internazionale di Ferrara, Italy
# This Human World, Vienna, Austria
# Karl des Grosse Centre, Zurich, Switzerland
# Women’s Rights Nights, Skopje, Macedonia
# Cine Ocho y Medio, Quito, Ecuador
# FIPA, Biarritz, France
# Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, New York, USA
# New School, New York, USA
# Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
# Copenhagen Catalan Film Festival, Denmark
# One World Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
# Cineteca-Matadero, Madrid, Spain
# One World Romania, Bucharest, Rumania
# ZagrebDox, Croatia
# Houston Latino Film Festival, USA
# Festival Desobedoc, Porto, Portugal
# Cine Latino, Tübingen, Germany
# Addis Int. Film Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
# DOXA, Vancouver, Canada
# Festival Iberodocs, Edinburgh, Scotland
# Kinodromo, Bologna, Italy
# Sydney Democracy Network, Australia
# Docaviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
# Emergency Pisa, Italy
# CinéDoc, Tbilisi, Georgia
# Doc-Cevennes, Cevennes, France
# Avilés Acción Film Festival, Spain
# CineBlend, Amsterdam, Netherlands
# New Institutionalities, Notthingham, England
# Festival de Cine Más, Managua, Nicaragua
# Freedom Film Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
# Festival Stadttfinden, Leipzig, Germany
# Change Agent Film Festival, Bethlehem, NH, USA
# Int. Human Rights Film Festival, Tirana, Albania
# The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada
# DMZ Docs, Seoul, South Korea
# Impugning Impunity Film Festival, New York, USA
# Cinespaña, Toulouse, France
# Democracity Festival, Vienna, Austria
# Prix Europa, Berlin, Germany
# Academia Galega do Audiovisual, Santiago, Spain
# Antigonish Int. Film Festival, Canada
# Free Zone Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
# Kassel Dokfest, Germany
# Crossroads Festival, Graz, Austria
# Kino.Kat, Munich, Germany
# Festival CinémaMed, Bruxelles, Belgium
# Cinema Politica, Montréal, Canada
# BIDF, Budapest, Hungary
# Cinema Utopia, Bordeaux, France
# Ciné d'ATTAC, Bruxelles, Belgium
# Festival Filministes, Montréal, Canada
# Budapest Architecture Film Days, Hungary
# Festival Int. de Cine en Guadalajara, México
# Bates College, Lewiston, ME, USA
# École supérieure des beaux-arts, Nantes, France
# Kratke slike, Zagreb, Croatia
# Habitat Int. Film Festival, New Delhi, India
# Right to the City, Leipzig, Germany
# Moldox Festival, Cahul, Moldova
# Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England
# Manifiesta, Bredene sur Mer, Belgium
# Bilder från söder, Malmö, Sweden
# China Women's Film Festival, Beijing, China
# Feminist Class Politics, Belgrade, Serbia
# Festival Politikos, Rennes, France
# Move it! Film Festival, Dresden, Germany

︎ Full movie


71’ (2015)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films (SP), El Viaje (SP) and Bucalupo Films (FR)
Directed by Mauro Herce

A freighter crosses the ocean. The hypnotic cadence of its gears reveals the continuous movement of the machinery devouring its workers: the last gestures of the old trade of the sailors, disappearing under the automaton rhythm of the 21st century. Perhaps it is a ship drifting, or the last specimen of a species in extinction with its motors spinning, unstoppable.

# Locarno Film Festival (CH) -︎ Jury Prize
# Jilhava IFF (CZ) -︎ Best Documentary Worldwide
# Doc Lisboa (LX) - ︎Best Opera Prima & Best University Jury
# Feroz Awards (SP) -︎ Best documentary
# Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife (BR) -︎ Best editing
# Festival Internacional de Las Palmas (SP) -︎ Best Film
# Ann Arbor (USA) -︎ Best International Film
# Jeonju FF (KR) -︎ Special Mention
# Mar del Plata (AR) -︎ Special Mentio
# Días de Cine Award -︎ Best Spanish Film 2016

# Festival de cine de Locarno 2015 - Sección “Cineasti del presente”
# Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar de Plata - Sección Panorama
# Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla - Sección Las Nuevas Olas
# Festival de Cine de Torino - Sección Competición Internacional
# Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón - Sección DOCUFICX
# Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin - Proyecciones en Gaité Lyrique y Haus der Kulturen der Welt
# Festival de Cine de Göteborg - Sección Visionärer
# SWSX Austin - Sección SXGlobal
# Festival de Cine de Guadalajara - Sección Competición de Documentales
# Festival de Cine Internacional de Tesalónica - Sección Competición Internacional
# Festival de Cine de Istanbul - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine Crossing Europe - Sección Competición Internacional
# Festival de Documental de Munich - Sección Competición Internacional
# Festival de Cine de Seattle - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine de Cracovia - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine de Sheffield - Sección Oficial
# Festival internacional de cine de la Rochelle - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine Internacional Revelation Perth - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine de Queensland - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Documental de Kosovo - Sección Green dox competition
# Festival de Cine Internacional de Camden - Sección Cinematic vision competition
# Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Amsterdam - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine Internacional de Singapur - Sección Oficial
# Festival de Cine de Cork - Sección Oficial

︎ Full movie


47’ (2016)

Experimental music documentary produced by Nanouk Films and Famèlic Records
Directed by Àlex Sardà

Famélic Sessions were raised as live performances by bands from the Famèlic Records label. It had the intention of creating a unique piece for each artist. This joint version summarizes these live performances, offering at the same time a reflection on the fleetingness of movement around the seal and the diversity of their bands.

︎ Full movie


70’ (2013)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films
In coproduction with TVC (SP), with the support of ICAA (SP) and ICEC (SP)
Directed by Ventura Durall

Three streetkids wander the streets of Addis Abeba. They try to survive by using their inventiveness, committing minor thefts and supporting each other solidly united.
Homesickness, chance and necessity however make them venture a journey towards the north of Ethiopia. A journey during which they will experience unusual adventures before being reunited with their families whom they decided to leave when they were still little. The kids will then have to deal with the fears and memories that have arisen during the trip under the new
circumstances, with the past being vividly present.

In Addis Abeba, the Ethiopian capital, over 270.000 street kids live without their parents and almost forgotten by law and society. Daniel, a boy from the countryside, is 9 years old when he arrives in the city. He meets Habtom and Yohannes, both aged 12, who live in an abandoned car. They first don’t want to accept him in their group but after they overcome some initial conflicts they eventually become friends. Together, they share the hard life in the city. They lead adult lives – although they are still children. But they are smart and inventive and manage to survive on petty thefts.

A year passes by. When homesickness, feelings of responsibility and the problems with the rivalling gang of street kids increase to an intolerable level they decide to return to their poor home villages to visit their parents whom they left behind many years ago. Like little stones that are taken away with the river they start the long journey towards the north of the vast and unknown country, by bus, boat, hitchhiking and by foot. Our little heroes meet a girl who is also on her way to reunite with her family. They share some days of friendship and complicity.

However, sexual tensions between the girl and the two older boys soon arise. She tells them her views on the boys’ lives and questions the values they have got used to accept as their own. The girl finally decides to split and continue on her own. Meanwhile we discover more of Daniel’s personality and its ever more complex and darker sides. He confesses having killed his stepmother and that this is the true reason why he is fleeing from Addis Abeba.

The three boys buy expensive presents for their families and then also separate – Daniel and Habtom head towards Habtom’s home village where his mother is awaiting him, Yohannes continues on his own to meet his father. When they finally reach their destinations, they realise that more things have changed since they last saw their parents than they expected.

# Shanghai TV Festival 2014 - ︎ Best Cinematography
# Som Cinema Lleida - ︎ Best Documentary Film

# Catalan Academy of Cinema “Gaudí Awards” 2015 Nominee, Best Documentary Film category
# Catalan Academy of Cinema “Gaudí Awards” 2015 Nominee, Best Original Soundtrack category
# IDFA (International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam) – Official Selection (World Premiere)
# Festival de cine español de Málaga 2014 – Official Selection
# Budapest International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection
# Documentamadrid 2014 – Spanish Documentary Panorama
# Festival de Cinema d’Autor 2014 – Autoria catalana
# Mediteran Film Festival Bosnia 2014 – Official Selection
# Fic-Cat Roda de Berà 2014 – Official Selection
# Documentary Edge Festival New Zeland 2014 – Official Selection
# Festival Internacional de Cine Político de Buenos Aires 2014 – Foco internacional
# United Nations Association Film Festival San Francisco 2014 – Official Selection
# Vancouver International Film Festival 2014 – Nonfiction Features



Commercial film for Temporada Alta Festival
Directed by Salvador Sunyer
German Design Award 2019 & Grand Laus Award 2017
Sergi Cameron as a producer, and also editor and music supervisor 

A dangerous idea has been imposed: Culture’s only purpose is to entertain. It’s a luxury. Why does this place – from the outside – look like a sunny amusement park ? Maybe we have sold ourselves poorly and cheaply. Can we change it, or is it useless? It’s urgent to point the gun at us. If we consider culture as pure entertainment, we’ll be like Pinocchio on the island of pleasure: playing, sleeping and laughing, while we become donkeys that only serve to load stones.




Commercial film for Roche
Production and creativity by Nanouk Films
Directed by Àlex Sardà



Commercial film for Banc Sabadell
Produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Grau Serra
Creativity by Alegre Roca



Commercial film for Casa dels Clàssics
and Miquel Barceló Produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Salvador Sunyer



Commercial film for San Miguel
Produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Salvador Sunyer and Lluís Segura
Creativity by PlayGround



Commercial film for Etnia Barcelona
Produced by Nanouk Films and directed by Àlex Sardà



Commercial film for Etnia Barcelonas vintage collection
Produced by Nanouk Films and directed by Àlex Sardà