main works 2009-2020 ︎

  1. film director
  2. producer & executive producer @ nanouk films
  3. head of entertainment, creative director & online creator @ playground
  4. interactive narratives
  5. film editor & music supervisor
  6. museum & exhibition projects
  7. music videos

about ME ︎

producer, director, online&tv format creator, documentary maker, creative director, editor and music producer - owner of Nanouk Films, film company based in Barcelona - Ex-head of entertainment at PlayGround - TV CINEMAS PLATFORMS CULTURE SOCIAL NETWORKS - From underground to mainstream 

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Selected works as a film director ︎


WHEN YOU LISTEN 95’ (2019)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films (SP), Imago (BO) and Alba Calani (SP), with the support of Movistar+ (SP), Ibermedia (LATAM), ICAA (SP) and ICEC (SP)
Produced, written and directed by Sergi Cameron

In the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the contemporary flamenco musician Niño de Elche takes us on a journey to understand the nature of music as he reflects on his own artistic process. On the road, he will meet a constellation of characters that will showcase the universal power of music and its different facets.

Cover by Folch

# In-edit festival ︎ Best National Documentary Award 2019
# Asolo Art Film Festival ︎ Grand Prix Asolo Film Festival 2020
# Post/Doc/Porto︎ Transmission Jury Prize
# Catalan Academy Award (Gaudi) ︎ Best Original Soundtrack
# Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2020
# Dock of the Bay 2020
# Kitzbuehel Film Festival 2020
# Womex 2020 Budapest

"When you listen by Sergi Cameron is a film that resembles an act of love towards the many human beings that the protagonist encounters along his path and who are never observed with a judgmental gaze or exotic. It is an exploratory, performative film, capable of welcoming and caring. Sergi Cameron manages to hold together, through an original dramaturgy, important reflections on ritual and creation. " Members of the Jury at Asolo Art Film Festival

“The jury of the Transmission category decided to award Sergi Cameron's film Niños Somos Todos for the excellent balance with which it mixes documentary film, roadtrip, musical experimentation and performance, with an empathic look at the other that offers many encounters and intersections. Also noteworthy is the subtlety with which he explores the protagonist's personal search for reconciliation with his childhood and with the canonical conservatism of Flamenco, in the construction of a freer and authorial artistic identity. The quality of the music editing and the sound mix, as well as the direction of the photography, was also valued." Members of the Jury at Post/Doc


EVERY STORY 16’ (2018)

Short film produced by Nanouk Films (SP). With the suport of ICEC (SP) and Conselh Generau de la Valh D'aran (SP)
Produced, written and directed by Sergi Cameron

A short film set in the 10th century in the north of Catalonia. Narbona is a girl who falls ill because of the repeated violations of a ruthless Count. Narbona's mother Caterina, claims the help of a witch, called La Vigatana, to save the girl from death. But the intrusion of the new official powers (the feudal lord, the priest and the knights), will end up killing the witch as a danger to be eradicated.

Cover by Tomeu Mulet & Anna Vila

Photos by Lluís Tudela. All rights reserved.

In a small communal society in the heart of the Pyrenees, organized in different family clans, around 1000 AD, a girl named Narbona is affected by a common illness that the new medical and rationalist estates find incurable. Catherine and Patricio, the girl’s parents, demand the help of a healer called La Vigatana, as they had been doing for centuries in the pre-Christian tradition. Through ancestral wisdom and different natural remedies, La Vigatana manages to cure the girl, but in the midst of a pagan festival, the intrusion of the representatives of the new official estates (the Christian priest, the feudal lord and the new landowners), who want to establish a new order based on servitude, execute the healer on the pretext of considering her a witch.

The different characters of the village will position themselves for or against the two worlds, the old ancestral culture linked to nature, and the emergence of Christian evangelization, which will try to destroy the previous polytheistic culture and beliefs. a sick girl who manages to heal thanks to the medicinal knowledge of La Vigatana, will want to avenge her death and join the world of Witches, entering her own motu in the depths of the forest.

At the center of the narrative is the mutating role of women as a source of stigmatization at a time when ecclesiastical and power estates need a scapegoat to concentrate society’s attention so as to soften the recession of rights and the customs of the peasants, now turned into serfs from feudalization in the twelfth century. It is then that the woman, especially one who did not live especially linked to a patriarchal figure (the father, the husband, the brother …), becomes the Witch, a myth artificially created to stay forever in the collective imagination.

# Off-courts Trouville 2019
# Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo 2019
# Manlleu Film Festival 2019
# Cerdanya Film Festival 2019


 93’ (2014)

Documentary feature film produced by Nanouk Films (SP) and Filmtank (DE) in coproduction with TVE (SP), TVC (SP) and WDR (DE), with the support of ICEC (SP), PUMA Catalyst Award & BritDoc (UK), MFG (DE), Cinereach (USA) and MEDIA Programme of the European Union
Directed by Sergi Cameron, Salvador Sunyer and Ventura Durall
Sergi Cameron also co-producer, sound recordist and music supervisor

“On 21st of December 2012 the world as we know it will end. And there will be only one place on earth that will survive the catastrophe.”

Cover by Victor Santacana

Bugarach is a quiet village with a population of 194 situated in southern France. The people live a traditional life with wood exploitation and animal husbandry as the principal business activities. Under normal circumstances, nothing extraordinary ever happens in Bugarach. But the tranquility vanishes when some news reaches people around the world, promulgated through different media such as the New York Times or CNN and spread over the Internet like a virus: “On 21st of December 2012, th world as we know it will end, and Bugarach will be the only place on the planet that will survive the apocalypse.” From this moment on the village witnesses an amazing phenomenon: an ever increasingamount of tourists arrive, new agers, journalists, some hippie communities, sects, speculators and curious onlookers. Housing prices quadruplicate, many neighbors start trading with “esoteric souvenirs” and the village is soon divided in two: the locals and the invadors.

“Bugarach used to be a beautiful and quiet place but if we do nothing to stop all these people from coming here it will not stay that way. We do not want Bugarach to become a new Lourdes”, says one of the villagers.
Uranie, a solitary man who lives in a cabin in the mountains, reveals to us that “the aliens will come to Bugarach and they will save all those who dare to jump from the highest mountain peak.” This is why the military plan an intervention in order to avoid overcrowding of people and the possibility of collective suicides. The documentary kicks off on 21 of December 2011, one year before the key date, and it will work like a countdown. The film will follow several persons who are linked by a date that will mark the destiny of their lives while they think about the spiritual crisis that affects the Western world. We will certainly be in Bugarach on the day the world will come to an end…Will you come with us?

Photos by Cyprien Clément-Delmas with a Leica MP. All rights reserved.

Music by Paul Lemp, Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and Cladio Puntin. Recorded at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, supervised by Sergi Cameron

# St. Petersburg Message to Man - ︎ FIPRESCI AWARD 2014
# Hot Docs Toronto 2014 - Official Selection
# Visions du Réel Nyon 2014 - Official Selection
# Europa Prix 2014 - Official Selection
# IDFA Amsterdam 2014 - Best of Fests
# Dok Leipzig 2014 - Official Selection
# Documentamadrid 2014 - Official Selection
# DocsBarcelona 2014 - Official Selection
# Cinespaña Toulouse 2014 - Official Selection
# Guanajuato Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection
# CIFF Camden International Film Festival, Maine 2014 - Official Selection
# Trento Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection
# Antenna Documentary Film Festival Sydney 2014 - Official Selection  Opening night
# Astra Film Festival Romania 2014 - Official Selection
# Catalan Academy of Cinema “Gaudí Awards” 2015 Nominee, Best Documentary Film category
# Overlook CinemAvvenire 2014 – Official Selection
# Antofagasta FF 2015 – Official Selection
# Mar del Plata 2015 – Sentidos del humor Selection
# Sofia International Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection
# Big Sky Documentary Göteborg 2015 – Official Selection
# Belfast FF 2015 – Official Selection
# Cinerama BC Brasil 2015 – Official Selection
# One World Prague 2015 – Official Selection
# Fidadoc Agadir 2015 -Official Selection

︎ Full movie



Documentary short film produced by ESCAC and Escándalo Films
Written, produced and directed by Sergi Cameron

Cover by Victor Santacana


14’ (2009)

Documentary short film produced at the film school. Written, directed and edited by Sergi Cameron