main works 2009-2020 ︎

  1. film director
  2. producer & executive producer @ nanouk films
  3. head of entertainment, creative director & online creator @ playground
  4. interactive narratives
  5. film editor & music supervisor
  6. museum & exhibition projects
  7. music videos

about ME ︎

producer, director, online&tv format creator, documentary maker, creative director, editor and music producer - owner of Nanouk Films, film company based in Barcelona - Ex-head of entertainment at PlayGround - TV CINEMAS PLATFORMS CULTURE SOCIAL NETWORKS - From underground to mainstream 

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An audiovisual installation produced by Nanouk Films and the City Council of Barcelona
Produced and directed by Sergi Cameron

This project in the form of a cinematic experiment is the top piece of the Interpretation Centre at Montjuïc Castle. The exhibition portrays the different roles that thecastle played for the city (defender or inquisitor, depending on the time or point of view). In this video, the focus is on the period of the riots and the subsequent bombing of the city in 1842. We chose to use the technique of overlapping real images with prints from that period as well as other techniques such as rotoscoping. Our main objective was to give life to the antique prints by using a visible device. We rigourously respected the historical context, but at the same time created avisual impact on the viewer.

The original prints can be found at the interpretation centre itself, they are part of the permanent exposition inside the courtyard of the Castle, the symbol of the city.



Conceptualisation, design and construction of the entire town of Calafell musealization. Produced by Nanouk Films (SP), RSB (SP) and U+V Arquitectes (SP) with the financing of the European Regional Development Fund and the City Council of Calafell
Produced, directed and supervised by Sergi Cameron
Commissioned by Antonio Criado

The Archeological Park of Calafell is an exceptional experiment as we have managed to unite art, entertainment, latest technologies, cinematographic and documentary vocation and, last but not least, didactics.

Nanouk Films has undertaken the creation of a museum tour in different areas of interest as well as the old town, and has the particularity reading QR points in informational totems, and the ability to view augmented reality places of the past  Or what is the same, “print” on the walls and streets of the town objects on reality, illustrations, games, photos or videos, especially designing an app that you can download for Android or mac.

The project also consists of a Dolby 5.1 sound installation at one of the authentic places that were used as shelters in times of war.
The museography has been condensed to a feature-length fiction film starring the villagers and with a careful mise en scène which creates a unique feedback between the museum and the community.

Nanouk Films has managed and coordinated the entire design of the muesography, the partial restauration of the walls of the castle and various archeological remains as well as the remodeling of a cinema theatre and the creation of workshop contents for children.



The exhibition is made possible by Mobile World Congress, Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica (SP), Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (SP) and Vodafone (FR)
Produced by Nanouk Films (SP)
Exhibited in Barcelona since March 1st until April 29

Sergi Cameron is the director of the whole visual set of the exhibition, togheter with Salvador Sunyer and Cécile Juan